Devoted Husband
I have been married to my beautiful wife, Tamara, for almost 14 years
Loving Father
We have 2 wonderful children, Sydne’ and Terrance Jr.
HCC Graduate
My wife and I are both products of HCC. We have seen firsthand what HCC can do and most certainly can become.
Community Service
I am currently the pastor of Kingdom Builders Cathedral Church and we pride ourselves on serving the community and finding resources to help families meet their needs.

Working for the Greater Good of All People

To date we have the following programs that help meet the needs of children, seniors, and families

The Kings Table
The Kings Table

This is a partnership with the Houston Food Bank and every week we have the opportunity to serve people that are in need of food and water.

Senior Citizen Outreach
Senior Citizen Outreach

Every month we schedule time to have lunch with seniors in our community and every quarter we have a scheduled outing for the seniors to interact with one another.

iASPIRE Youth Program
iASPIRE Youth Program

Each quarter we host events to bring children together from diverse backgrounds to have critical conversations, to showcase their talents and accomplishments. We host annual backpack drives as well as toy drives to make sure the needs of the children are met.

Support My Campaign

I solicit your prayers as I embark on this great journey to becoming Houston Community College Trustee, District II.

Meet and Greet
Meet and Greet

March 26th @ 5pm

Vote Terrance Hall
Vote Terrance Hall

Early Voting Starts April 25th



"I am so grateful for the scholarship to help with school. Vote for Mr. Hall, he is an awesome guy!"

Devonte P.
Devonte P. Student

"Terrance has always been there to help me when needed. He has a good heart and cares about the community. Elect Terrance Hall for Trustee."

Francis M.
Francis M. Senior Citizen

"Thank you for everything you do. I really appreciate the love and support. HCC needs a person like you. Please vote for Terrance"

Janice W.
Janice W. Concerned Citizen